Mummy's Mask

At the Gates of the Necropolis

and other stories...

We decide to heat to the gates. We have to skirt a little to the south. As we pass a low, sandstone building with fresh corpses littering the road, we her screams and a gravelly voice from within. Each of the bodies have had a single eye removed, and bear bruises and signs of restraint on their arms and wrists and looked to have died of shock.

Zahi speaks and states that centuries ago, justice took two forms, removing an eye, or death. Zahi and Quinn move up, and enter stealthily, finding themselves in a courtroom with living people being held by skeletons, and a bloody skeleton magistrate holding court at the bench.

The magistrate looks annoyingly up at Zahi as he stands in the door, and then goes on. Zahi walks in and claims to be council. While he is allowed to talk to the man on trial, we spend some time preparing. After a couple moments, the magistrate states ‘Begin!’, and combat begins.

Regan walks in, hits a skeleton and it litterally, explodes, killing the living captive. Tiger runs in, and bites the skeleton, causing it to explode and knock the captive unconscious. Char moves in, and attempts to control the magistrate but fails. Regan takes out another skeleton, killing the defendant and Tiger charges but misses.

Eyetaker steps up and claws at Zahi, drawing blood.

Char attempts to slip the bloody magistrate and the skeletal bailiff, but the pair remain standing. Zahi withdraws and Tiger takes down the magistrate. Charr spits at the remaining skeleton, causing it to destroy.

A quick search reveals magical aurae coming from Old Eyetaker. He is wearing a magical circlet that enhances the wearer’s powers of persuasion. Charr thinks about putting a claim in, but suggests Zahi take it.

We reach the gates. A priestess of Pharasma, Bal Themm stands with several guards, as pounding resounds on the gates, as the gates heave and creak from the force of the undead tide beyond. We hail her and ask what she needs. She asks us to return to the Grand Mausoleum to get more holy water, but before she can ask for more, a shadowy creature materializes through the gate and slams its arm down on her shoulder.

“It’s an undead shadow!!” (see undead shadow) calls out Zahi, “Normal weapons can’t damage it!” Tiger and Regan step up and attack as Bal retreats to next to Zahi.Zahi wipes an oil on his blade, which begins to glow with a blue light, as Charr steps up, unrolling a scroll. Zahi moves to flank, and Quinn shoots, hitting once. Bash steps up, between the creature and Regan, but fails to hit.

The creature reaches out and strikes at Zahi, and Zahi feels weaker, but Regan swings his hammer and the shadow creature dissipates.

Bal implores us to return to the temple with a letter she writes, telling us that it is much more important for us to get her message back to the Grand Mausoleum than staying here, as even if we all stayed, we wouldn’t really make a difference against the hordes of undead.

We go back to the Tooth and Hookah. Faran offers ourselves our own rooms, but Charr and Zahi offer to again, stay in the common room. During the night, there is substantially less screaming and mayhem.

We decide to go check out the said lair of the Silver Chain. On our way, a woman runs out froma side street, chased by zombies. Then two hulking creatures with skeletal crocodile heads. The creatures knock the woman unconsious and start to feed on the zombies. We move up to aid the woman and the creatures turn to attack. (see undead croca-bear)

Charr throws a pat of butter at the closest creature, but it fails to fall down, and even acrobatically charges Regan. Zahi steps up, opens his mouth and nothing seems to happen. Quinn shoots and takes one down with a well-placed arrow.

Regan moves up and the second creature takes a chomp at it. Bairn moves un abd determines the woman has severe internal bleeding and will not survive without assistance. Char moves up with Bash and throws a fistful of glitter at the creature, coating it with sparkles and causing it to become blind. It disappears, but remains outlined in sparkles, and Regan smacks it down as it attempts to move away.

We help the woman up. She said she and her children were starving and she went out to get some food. We see her back to her villa, and offer her rations. And then we head on towards the docks.

As we are on our way, we see a small bird fluttering and walking behind us, speaking in multitude of tongues, and we recognize the name Pteminib. We manage to calm it down, and both Zahi and I recognize it as a nosio psychopomp. It says it’s name is Qasin, Pteminib’s cohort. Pteminib saw an agent of the Silver Chain, and saw him leave and followed him. Qasin stayed behind. She has been following us for the past several days to gauge our strength and see if we could assist in finding Pteminib.

We agree to help and it can come along. We continue and come upon an angry mob, screaming and yelling at a woman who appears to be defending a zombie. Before we got to this spot, we heard what sounded like a thunderclap, but the skies are clear. As we approach, we see the zombie is bound.

The crowd wants the zombie put down. Sehhosep, half elf, instructor at the Hall of the Blessed Rebirth. She assists in the preparation of the dead for burial. She had finished mummifying her husband, when he animated. She is convinced she can revitalize her husband and wants assistance getting back to her workshop.

We manage to convince the crowd that we are better at handling situations than they, and they disperse. We manage to convince Sehosep that living as a zombie is no life for her husband. She asks us to take care of it, and Bash takes care of it. We put the body on the cart and escort her home.


We head to the docks. Qasin is making a lot of noise and turns invisible. The docks district is a system of canals with bridges. As we walk along, An enormous snake creature slither’s out of the canal. Zahi recognizes it as an amphisbaena, a poisonous snake with two heads.

It bites Quinn, who’s shot riccochets off a nearby building and hits Tiger. Regan moves to interpose himself between soft, squishy Charr. There is a flurry of activity, summoning of birds, against the glitter-covered snake. Finally, we kill it.

We finally find the burnt down and crumbling Bright River Brickworks. Only two fire-scarred, exterior walls stand, along with several kilns. Near the back kiln, Quinn notices two guards which look like city watch. Zahi and Charr approach, attempt to bluff our way in, they pull their weapons and Charr makes them see pretty colors. Shortly, one lies dead, one is unconsious.

We interrogate the man, get the layout of the catacombs below, find out there is another entrance, by boat, through the canal. The previous leader was murdered, and his command usurped by Ekram, a man in a golden mask. Strim them,

Floorboards pried up and construct a crude stair going down. 3 kegs stand beside the door, containing saffron.



Circlet of Persuasion (Zahi)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (Bairn)
gold ring (35gp)
outlandish silk hat (75gp) (Charr)
potion of CLW x2 (Regan, Bash)
alch fire x2 (Zahi, Char)
holy water x2 (Bash x2)
punch dagger, sap x2
antitoxin x2 (Bairn)
climber’s kit x2 (Regan, Charr)
crowbar x2
MW Thieves tools x2
sunrods x4 (Zahi)
silver chain bracelet x2
leather armor +1 x2 (Bairn, Zahi)
3 #10 kegs of saffron

Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

60gp in silk
gold chalice set with an intricately carved jade scarab (550gp)
2 doses of seer’s tea
Hand of the Honest Man (Bashum)
850gp in jewelry


LooseScrew TatteredKing

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