Mummy's Mask

Boss Battle in the Observatory of Truth and Wisdom

We head to the west down a 5’ wide hallway. Soon enough we are heading down spiraling stairway that opens into a high ceilinged chamber with a back obelisk in the middle. The floor depicts a miniature model of Wati, with a shallow watery pool representing the river. The layout is generally accurate, but was done a long time ago. The obelisk stands in the location of the grand mausoleum, and the pillar represents Pharasma’s Spire in the Boneyard.

As I am examining a magical aura at the top of the spire, Zahi circles the room and does not detect any traps or hidden doors, but several people do notice shadowy movement at the top of the pillar. Near the top of the pillar is a strange gargoyle like creature made of what looks like dark purple crystal, called a sceaduinar. We attempt to talk and Zahi gets the distinct impression that it wishes us to leave as it casts an entropic shield spell. We leave.

Back in the octagonal chamber, we check out the other smaller hallway, which opens up into a chamber looking to be used as a barracks. Scattered books and papers are all necromantic titles, most which have been discounted by scholars as not useful or factual. Several scribbled notes which don’t really make sense, and two corpses with gentle repose cast on them. There is also jewelry and silks worth 2400gp scattered about.

We stand before the enormous bronze doors, while Zahi scans them for anything unusual. Not finding anything, we open the doors into a chamber containing a fountain, and a statue of Anubis, which radiates magic, and starts to move as Bash and Regan move in.

It rushes Regan, hitting him hard with it’s flail, and causing him to bleed. Bash steps in and hits, but it doesn’t appear to cause much damage. We hack at it for a while and then it breaks.

We open the doors to a large chamber littered with dessicated bodies a raised platform in the middle with a sarcophagus and two braziers lit with blue flames. Two mummies and a flying man in a golden funerary mask are to the one side. The man yells “Interlopers!” and the combat music begins.

The flying man in the mask incants a spell, turning the ground under us to obsidian, ensnaring all but two of us. Regan managed to break free as the bronze-skinned Osirian encanted another dark spell, commanding the very dead to rise. The two mummies that had been shambling beneath him surged towards us, while a number of other corpses rose and lurched forward.

Charr enchanted the Flumpfs with a spell of haste, and Bashum with the ability to walk on air, and off she went to chase down our airborne opponent, surrounding herself with an aura of silence.

Regan falls twice, only to be be bought back from the brink of death by Baern . We find that Mr Sunshine is stoneskinned, and has fire resistance on himself and the mummies, making the three of them more difficult than normal. Then we find out magic missiles get through just fine and the target turns to Charr. Charr collapses to it’s onslaught, but Baern rips the unconscious sorcerer out of his boots and carries him back to the antechamber.

Finally, we break through Nebta-Khufre’s arcane-enchanted skin and the wizard falls from the air. Regan, Zahi and Bashum make quick work of the remaining undead.

As the dust settles, we examine the pickings.

From Previous Game:

30 silver funerary rods
Bracers of Armor +1 [Value: 1000gp]
potion CMW
scroll of expeditious retreat [Wizard/Sorcerer/Bard]
scroll of death ward [Cleric/Druid]
wand of invisibility (11) [Charr?]
magical +1 leather [Value: 160gp]
magical +1 buckler [Value: 155gp]
2 lapis bracelets 35gp
lesser book of extended summoning [Baern!]
gold funerary mask [Value: ???]
caster’s shield [Bairn]
cedar tables worth several thousand gold.
masterwork breastplate [350gp]

lesser disruptive metamagic rod [Value: 3000gp]
potion CMW x2
scroll of stinking cloud [Charr?]
wand of enervation 14 [Charr?]
mw club [Value: 300gp]
Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh
ring of sustinence
500gp diamond dust (component for stone skin, restoration, permanancy, ressurection)
onyx worth 500gp (component for animate dead)
silver holy symbols of anubis and pharasma (25gp)
silver unholy symbol of urgathoa

Spellbook – can be sold for 2430gp (value 2860gp)
0- All
1st- Alarm, Chill Touch, Feather Fall, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield
2nd- Arcane Lock, Bear’s Endurance, Command Undead, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Scorching Ray, Spectral Hand
3rd- Communal Resist Energy, Fly, Gentle Repose, Haste, Knock, Ray of Exhaustion, Stinking Cloud, Vampiric Touch
4th- Animate Dead, Ball Lightning, Bestow Curse, Enervation, Fear, Obsidian Flow, Stoneskin


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