Mummy's Mask

In the Lair of the Silver Chain

Stairs go down. Regan starts down. Zahi and Quinn stand guard in the office. The smell of mildew and stale incense wafts up from below. Lanterns light the corridor below, revealing sturdy-looking doors.

Bairn pushes his way to the front and starts down the stairs, eliciting several creaks and groans. He gets to the bottom and the floor suddenly crumbles away beneath him, sending him plummeting into darkness, to land below.

After turning into a bird, and flying up, Charr brings down several long boards and builds a makeshift bridge, which we all get across. We move to the double doors to the right, hich opens up into a large storage room, with scarcophagi, crates, barrels, urns, and such. The leatherly smell of death hangs over the place.

Bairn detects some magic coming from the center of the room. He and Charr check it out and decide to make note of it and return at a later date. But as they turn, something catches Bairn’s eye; broken canopic jars, with the entrails spilling out. And then they lurch up hovering into the air and slams into Bairn and off into the darkness. (see Flying Entrail Monster)

Bashum and Regan attempt to corner it. It smashes into regan hard, who takes a step back and drinks a healing draught. Char attempts to sear it with a ray of fire, but the shot goes wide. Regan pushes the attack after being healed by Bairn, cornering it. The thing smacks it’s liver into Bash’s face, who looks sickened. Between Bash, Regan and Tiger, the creature falls.

We decide to push on and look through the goods here later. Bairn checks the doors on the other side of the room, and detects nothing. Regan and Bash step up and open the door, and are mauled by an armored hyena. It doesn’t take long for Bash to take the hyena down. She moves into the room and a thug jumps out and slashes at her. Bairn and tiger move in, but another thug rushes out to attack the dwarf. Regan tries to pushthe guy off the edge, and Charr aids him with a well placed grease spell.

Bairn grabs Char’s spear and he and Regan attack the guy in the water as Charr throws glitter at the other guy, blinding him. The other guy tries to swim away as Regan tries to figure out how to figure out how to stop the guy from bleeding to death. Bairn tells him to apply direct pressure to the man’s throat to stop him from bleeding.

Regan opens the door to the side of the landing and smells something pungent. Bairn calls out that the smell is poison gas. We close the door and go back the other way.

As we move through the large storage room, Qazim starts going a bit nuts and leads Charr over to some Pharasmin vestments and holy symbol, hung up on some chains against the wall. Charr collects them and stores them in his haversack.

The doors to the side lead to an alchemical lab. Charr pulls out his scroll of alter winds, and goes back to the doors to the room by the canal, and causes a draft to pull the gas out of the alchemical lab, venting it into the canal.

Bairn detects magic coming from the body, and proceeds to loot him and finds some stuff and a note.

“Your sects efforts have been exemplary so far but there is much yet to be done. The necropolis of Wati will soon be opened, andwe might find clues that have laid hidden for too long. Transportation and means of communication will be provided. A gang of grave robbers called the Silver Chain should provide you with the cover and resources you need to continue the search. Once you arrive in the city, infiltrate this Silver Chain and bent them to His divine will. Move quickly. Once the Pharasmins open the necropolis to explorers, we run the risk of outsiders finding the mask first. Succeed and ”/characters/hakotep" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hakotep’s moment of resurrection will soon be at hand. I do not need to tell you how much I would loathe expressing the Sky Pharaoh’s displeasure should you fail."

Charr finds some notes detailing that they were attempting to create mumia, a drug made from the essence of mummies.

We rest in the alchemy lab, dragging the bodies out to the dock, and barricading the doors with tables.

After an restful night, we check out the doors on the other side. The odd room contains several wells, a basin filled with water, a table with some chairs and a crate. Disassembled plumbing connections lie scattered around the south end of the room. Bairn knows these are sump wells, which keep the basement from flooding but also serve for fire control. There are beds, and what looks like a dining room.

Bairn finds a loose brick near a bed and finds a magical amulet.

In one of the wells, Charr finds Ptemenib. Bairn walks down the wall, picks him up and walks out. He’s been here since the night of the auction, when he followed the agents of the Silver Chain. We fill him in about what has been happening.

We listen at the last remaining door and hear voices. Smiling, Charr puts the mask on , flips the cape over his shoulder, opens the door and strides in Charr tries to bluff, fails and greases.

After several greases, sprays of color, Regan falling down, we finally take down all four of the masked men.


Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

amulet of natural armor +1 -Zahi
handy haversack -Bairn
+1 leather armor x1 – Zahi
tin bird with three magical feathers (has a spot for a 4th feather)
potions undetectable alignment x4
scroll of wispering wind x4 (Zahi x2, Charr x2)
cloak of resistance +1 x4 (Charr, Regan, Zahi, Bairn)
2 doses of seer’s tea
Natron Fang ( +1 kopesh carved from mineral salts, overcomes mummies DR. Once per day against incorporeal undead, causes Cha damage, Will save DC for half) – Regan

+1 leather armor x1 – sell
studded leather (25gp)
composite shortbow +3 Strength (300gp)
mwk kukri (308gp)
key to the unknown
gold funerary mask
impressive statue
three rivers codex – genaeology of Wati’s nobility
broken water clock but the work of a legenrary engineer named Pharaon
quill, ink, parchment
oil of taggit x4
dagger, 5 darts, shortsword (14.5gp)
spell component pouch x4 (5gp ea)
spellbook x4 (Each – 31 0-level spells, 7 1st level spells; 352.55gp each)
thieves tools (30gp)
brass funerary mask (Charr)
12 turquoise
gold ring (35gp)
gems, jewelry, art (1765gp)
2 hand crossbow (100gp each)
40 bolts
punch dagger, sap x4 (3gp for each set; 12gp)
crowbar x4 (2gp each; 8gp)
MW Thieves tools x4 (100gp each; 400gp)
silver chain bracelet x4
3 #10 kegs of saffron
60gp in silk
850gp in jewelry


LooseScrew TatteredKing

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