Mummy's Mask

Gemstone Pacts and Night Terrors

Of Dragons and Revenants

The market street is fairly wide, with stalls lining it and decayed plants clinging to the stall walls. Zahi approaches the door, examining it and listening at it. He notices human footprints, some bare and some shod, in the sand by the door. There is a worn sign outside of the door reading “Windward … Oils Co.”.

Bash opens the door, into what looks like a shop, smelling of spices and decay. A counter stands in the middle of the room. Zahi says this is the Windward Wend Oil company, a company which prepared spiced oils for 10 generations before the plague of madness. Three humans dressed as adventurers, claiming to be The Sunrise Guild. They say that the men with the masks were seen in the area back where we came from, and another man in a mask was seen to the East. We convince them that they need to leave the Necropolis and walk them halfway back to the front gates.

We get back and begin to move towards the beaded curtain in back, and alchemists fire shots out as the door bursts open and the three guys return. We quickly take care of them, tie up the survivor and search them.

3 x mwk heavy mace
3 x magical cape ( 2 are catching capes)
6 potions (3 CMW, 3 hide from undead) [CMW: Regan and Bashum]
6 alchemist fire
3 mwk studded leather
3 slings 60 bullets
3 thieves tools
3 onyx ring
magical bracers (burgar’s bracer) [Zahi]

Nothing of value so Zahi approaches the curtain, examining it and determining it isn’t trapped. There is a small room with doors on either side and a curtain straight ahead. The beaded curtain opens to a good size room littered with tables which looks like a work room. The reek of chemicals emits from broken pottery and class vials and chopped up mummified limbs litter the tables and floor.

And then some Deadward Scissor-Hands lunges from the shadows and bites Baern. And then it steps back, drinks something and vomits a swarm of spiders. As Bash and Regan take on the vivisectionist, Zahi begins to tend to the swarm. Pulling out a flask of alchemist fire, he trips and finds himself flat on his back, but still holding the alchemist fire. The spider’s swarm over Zahi and Char, causing Char to vomit on Zahi.

Deadward chews some more on Bash. Char and Zahi move into the room with Regan, Bash and Deadward. Regan and Bash quickly take down Deadward, and Baern and Char burn up the swarm with oil.

vial of greenblood oil (6 doses)
robe of needles
alchemist crafting kit
formula book

Zahi finds a secret compartment in the corner of the room, finding 4 doses of mumia.

Going back, we check the side doors. Bash opens the east door to a bed chamber, stacked with mummies. Other than that, it has been stripped clean. The other door is a closet.

Baern climbs up to the roof and finds a place where a necro compass could have been, but it looks like it was removed recently. As Baern is climbing down, a group of undead appear around the corner. Regan and Bash make VERY quick work of them in about 12 seconds…

Baern finds the tracks, and we follow them back to the tunnels we came in from, where we lose the trail. We decide to go to the next closest necroscope, which is close to the gates. A sign on the outside reads, The Shiny Bauble, and looks to be a glassblower. We can see the Elegiac Compass on the roof. Regan climbs up and drops a knotted rope. Char and Zahi climb up and examine the compass. It is in quite good condition, but something about a hands length in diameter is missing.

The door is ajar, and there is a lot of sand inside. There are no footprints in the sand. The building is basically one big room, with a small store room towards the back. Lots of broken glass, but nothing of value. We go back outside and skirt around to the sinkhole.

The sinkhole drops down about 50’. We secure a rope and lower it down. Regan climbs down, and when he gets to the bottom, he can’t see walls. Zahi climbs down and then Char starts down and Zahi catches a reptilian shadow just as it yells “Who would sully my home!” Zahi and Char attempt to befriend, but fail,and it runs up and sprays us with color.

With a lot of diplomacy, flattery, and the gift of many gems and a golden chalice, we negotiate for the power core of the necroscope. It is a loan, for five days. Her name is Shardizhad.

Zahi gets the power core back in, and tunes the compass and it points off in the direction of the Oil Company we were at before, but we have no idea of distance. We head over to the Home of Pentheru to rest in a place we know is safe; the crypt. The two-headed dog is no-where to be seen, and we decided to camp in the crypt.

Night 1

During the night, Zahi does not hear the ropes securing the doors get cut or the doors open, but he does hear something coming down the stairs. She runs past most of the group and attacks Bashum, grabbing and hugging her.

Char wakes up, jumps up and moves to the stairs down, and recognizes the mangled corpse of Velriana Hypaxes, claws of sharpened bone raking against Bashum’s throat. Hypaxes screams and Char and Zahi cower in fear. Baern grabs the creature and it releases Bash’s unconscious body. She turns and rakes her claws across Baern’s face, and then grabs him. Char greases Baern, who turns into a snake and slithers away. She turns to Regan and grabs him.

Char summons a vanth psychopomp who slices her deeply with it’s scythe, and the sorcerer then enlarges Regan, breaking him free of the grapple. Regan slams down on Hypaxes with Natron Fang. Baern steps in and fills Regan with the strength of the bear.

Lots more things happen, but eventually the vanth psychopomp reduces her to ashes with a searing light. She carries:

bladed belt
6 gold bracelets
ruby studded diadem
necklace of smoky quartz.


Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

tin bird with three magical feathers (has a spot for a 4th feather)
potions undetectable alignment x4
2 doses of seer’s tea
bladed belt (Hypaxes Revenant) 2000gp
robe of needles – 1000gp
3 x magical cape ( 2 are catching capes) 200gp each
6 potions (3 CMW, 3 hide from undead) [CMW: Regan and Bashum]
+1 leather armor x1 – sell (1160gp)

studded leather (25gp)
3 mwk studded leather
composite shortbow +3 Strength (300gp)
mwk kukri (308gp)
dagger, 5 darts, shortsword (14.5gp)
2 hand crossbow (100gp each)
40 bolts
punch dagger, sap x4 (3gp for each set; 12gp)
3 x mwk heavy mace
3 slings 60 bullets
12 turquoise
gold funerary mask (Ekram)
gold ring (35gp)
jewelry, art (765gp)
silver chain bracelet x4
850gp in jewelry (wrecked cart)
6 gold bracelets (Hypaxes Revenant)
ruby studded diadem (Hypaxes Revenant)
necklace of smoky quartz (Hypaxes Revenant)
3 onyx ring (Windward Oils)
key to the unknown (Ekram)
impressive statue (Silver Chain Lair)
three rivers codex – genaeology of Wati’s nobility (Silver Chain Lair)
broken water clock but the work of a legendary engineer named Pharaon
quill, ink, parchment (Silver Chain Lair)
oil of taggit x4 (90gp each)
spell component pouch x4 (5gp ea)
spellbook x4 (Each – 31 0-level spells, 7 1st level spells; 352.55gp each)
thieves tools (30gp)
crowbar x4 (2gp each; 8gp)
MW Thieves tools x4 (100gp each; 400gp)
3 #10 kegs of saffron (Silver Chain Lair)
silk (60gp)
alchemist crafting kit (Deadward Needle-Hands) (25gp)
formula book (Deadward Needle-Hands)
vial (Deadward Needle-Hands)
4 doses of mumia.
6 alchemist fire (20gp ea)
3 thieves tools (30gp ea)


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