Mummy's Mask

Return to the Necropolis

We return to the Grand Mausoleum and report to Ptemenib, Grabbed some supplies and headed back. We decided to check out the spot that Unwrapped Harmony noted as where she saw the Man in the Golden Mask, which also corresponded to another compass. On the way, we stop at Faraq’s Armory, drop off the ankheg carapace and request it made into masterkwork hide armor.

As we move, we start seeing webbing. Regan notices some movement of something climbing out of the webs. Two a large spider lunges at Bairn, and envenoms him. Regan and Bash run up to engage as a second emerges to nibble on Tiger. Regan and Bash take down the one while Tiger, Zahi and Charr take down the other.

As Bairn and Regan are feeling extremely sick, the Flumphs decide to take shelter with the Xotl to rest up.

potion of mage armor [Charr], potion of cure moderate wounds [Regan}, potion of remove fear, 38gp

We get to the area that Unwrapped Harmony indicated and it looks like a bath house, named Marid’s Caress. Unfortunately, a wall has collapsed and destroyed the compass. We begin to dig around, looking perhaps for another gemstone. Bairn finds a tube with glass in it. Charr takes a look for magical aura and identifies it as a monacle of detection. We decide that this would be ideal for our scout.

As we find nothing else,we decide to go check out the other compass sites. As we are making our way through the back alleys, three ghouls attack. Char knocks two of them down with a magic missile as Regan, Zahi and Bash move up. Another undead creature sneaks up out of the alley. Zahi and Bash call out “It’s a wight! Regan! Back up! Don’t let it touch you!”

Eventually, they take it down, but Regan is not feeling well. Both Bash and Zahi know that if his ailment is not cured in 24 hours, be could be permanantly weakened.

Continuing on, we get to a place that appears to have been a house. Most of the walls are completely gone, and it looks like someone built a small building in the middle of the ruins. Zahi and Bairn do a circuit around the outside walls, and determine the building was purposefully removed after the time the area was turned into a Necropolis.

The door in the hut is stone, and has a symbol that Zahi identifies as the family crest of Menkhet Mattya, an astronomer and wizard who lived a couple hundred years ago. Bash opens the door and stone steps lead down.

Bairn goes down first and enters one big room with a sarcophagus, but it looks like anything of value has been taken. The remains of another compass sits on the ground, and the walls are decorated with star charts. The starscapes on the walls are more picturesque which doesn’t match to any real sky, or the start chart we have.

Zahi does not find any secret compartments in the wall. He examines the sarcophagus. It is painted wood. Bairn detects some evocation magic which Zahi identifies as fireball. Confident that he didn’t detect traps, Zahi and Bairn lift the lid, while Charr watches. Bash steps out of the room, avoiding the fireball. Bairn notices a false bottom to the sarcophagus, and finds a box, which Zahi identifies as a boardgame called senet, but this is magical; a game of fortunate passage.

We decide to check out the location of the last compass; the Pyramid of Arithmetic Bliss. It has a wall around it and has some outbuildings surrounding a building topped by a partial pyramid. It was the headquarters of a stone mason’s guild. A couple out buildings stand to the left of the gate, and a long-neglected garden to the right. Two obelisks stand in front of the building at the top of some stairs.

We head to the left, and see that the four buildings are open and were most likely tombs but are now empty. Nothing else around the perimeter of the building is of interest. We approach the door and Bairn hears two voices inside which he can’t make out words. We buff up, and Bash and Regan open the door, revealing two cloudy skeletal creatures chittering mathematical equations to each other.

Bash’s shoulder’s slump and her axe dips to the ground. Char notices and calls out that Bash is out as he lets loose with a scorching ray. The two creatures swoop towards Regan and Bash, passing their appendages through them.

Another scorching ray lances out, missing the creatures and smashing into the wall behind, as Regan cuts one down and Bash cuts the other down. As Bash and Regan are seeing a little foolhardy and unhinged, and Bash cannot cast any spells, Bairn reads a scroll of lesser restoration, healing Bash.

Within the niches are a bunch of scrolls, tomes and paperwork. There are several original manuscripts and treaties which could fetch quite a value to a collector. (2000gp). There are more, which could take days to go through.

We continue into a large room containing seven open sarcophagi. As we enter to check to make sure they are empty, two mummies appear. Regan and Tiger stand there scared. Charr blasts one with a scorching ray as Bairn begins to cast and Zahi circles around, wiping his weapon down with holy weapon balm.

The battle continues with Zahi coating one of the mummies with oil, Regan cutting deeply into the mummies with Natron Fang, Tiger and the summoned riding dog not able to damage the creatures, Bash lighting the oil-covered mummy on fire.

As we are healing after the two mummies are down, Regan and Tiger double over, as their skin begins to dessicate and slough off, and sand begins to pour out of their mouths.

Zahi finds the corpse of a man with a brass mask in the corner. On the body is a notebook, a map of the necropolis listing The Observatory of Truth and Wisdom, The Shiny Bauble, The Tomb of Menkhet Mattya, Marid’s Caress [Crossed Out], the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye [Crossed Out] and Pyramid of Arithmetic Bliss.

The makeshift camp in the corner was used for several days, used by four to six people, and it looks like it was purposefully abandoned a couple days. We also find a ring of feather fall and five masterwork falchions.

As we are leaving to head back, we run into three cultists on their way in. We kill two and charm the third who tells us the Sky Pharah, their deity, a pharaoh from old who will come back to rule Osirion. They are searching for The Mask,but other than that he knows nothing else.

Big List of Loot

Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

Magic Items




12 turquoise



impressive statue (Silver Chain Lair)
three rivers codex – genaeology of Wati’s nobility (Silver Chain Lair)

formula book (Deadward Needle-Hands)
4 doses of mumia.
vial containing a thick black liquid – Black Smear Poison



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