Mummy's Mask


Our intrepid group finds themselves in possession of the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh. Once the mask is separated from Nebta-Khufre, there’s no longer any danger of further ka pulses awakening more waves of undead. The church of Pharasma can now conduct a ritual to lay all of the already risen undead to rest.

Once the ritual is completed, the church begins the somber work of returning the dead to their graves. The Voices of the Spire turn their attention to maintaining peace among the living and assisting in the city’s recovery.

Since the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh was found in the necropolis during the exploration sanctioned by the Ruby Prince himself, Khemet III, the group has a valid claim of ownership. Sebti, Nakht, Ptemenib and other prominent church officials argue for hours about this, but ultimately decide to leave it in the group’s hands to avoid any possible political repercussions.

Knowing that the Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh was seeking the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh in order to somehow resurrect the Sky Pharaoh Hakotep I, the group decides to do some research on Hakotep, the Sky Pharaoh, the cult, and the mask. Unfortunately they turn up very little information. It is believed that Hakotep I ruled Osirion as pharaoh some time in the distant past, but virtually all records have been lost. His name survives only in cartouches found in an ancient network of earthworks known as the Slave Trenches of Hakotep. The epithet “Sky Pharaoh” doesn’t appear to be associated with Hakotep in any way. A much later pharaoh, Menedes I, claimed that title, but seems to have no connection with Hakotep. The group finds no information at all of either the cult or the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh, but is pretty sure that the mask was the item that was stolen from the Requilary of the Thrice-Divided Soul in the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye from earlier on in the exploration of the Necropolis.

Sebti and Ptemenib both believe it is important to learn more of the mask’s origins and more of the cult seeking it, but the Grand Mausoleum has no resources to spare in the wake of Wati’s disaster. They advise the group to travel to the nearby city of Tephu and consult its far more extensive library – perhaps the greatest repository of lore in all of Osirion.

Experience for the last session: 2560 XP each.

Boss Battle in the Observatory of Truth and Wisdom

We head to the west down a 5’ wide hallway. Soon enough we are heading down spiraling stairway that opens into a high ceilinged chamber with a back obelisk in the middle. The floor depicts a miniature model of Wati, with a shallow watery pool representing the river. The layout is generally accurate, but was done a long time ago. The obelisk stands in the location of the grand mausoleum, and the pillar represents Pharasma’s Spire in the Boneyard.

As I am examining a magical aura at the top of the spire, Zahi circles the room and does not detect any traps or hidden doors, but several people do notice shadowy movement at the top of the pillar. Near the top of the pillar is a strange gargoyle like creature made of what looks like dark purple crystal, called a sceaduinar. We attempt to talk and Zahi gets the distinct impression that it wishes us to leave as it casts an entropic shield spell. We leave.

Back in the octagonal chamber, we check out the other smaller hallway, which opens up into a chamber looking to be used as a barracks. Scattered books and papers are all necromantic titles, most which have been discounted by scholars as not useful or factual. Several scribbled notes which don’t really make sense, and two corpses with gentle repose cast on them. There is also jewelry and silks worth 2400gp scattered about.

We stand before the enormous bronze doors, while Zahi scans them for anything unusual. Not finding anything, we open the doors into a chamber containing a fountain, and a statue of Anubis, which radiates magic, and starts to move as Bash and Regan move in.

It rushes Regan, hitting him hard with it’s flail, and causing him to bleed. Bash steps in and hits, but it doesn’t appear to cause much damage. We hack at it for a while and then it breaks.

We open the doors to a large chamber littered with dessicated bodies a raised platform in the middle with a sarcophagus and two braziers lit with blue flames. Two mummies and a flying man in a golden funerary mask are to the one side. The man yells “Interlopers!” and the combat music begins.

The flying man in the mask incants a spell, turning the ground under us to obsidian, ensnaring all but two of us. Regan managed to break free as the bronze-skinned Osirian encanted another dark spell, commanding the very dead to rise. The two mummies that had been shambling beneath him surged towards us, while a number of other corpses rose and lurched forward.

Charr enchanted the Flumpfs with a spell of haste, and Bashum with the ability to walk on air, and off she went to chase down our airborne opponent, surrounding herself with an aura of silence.

Regan falls twice, only to be be bought back from the brink of death by Baern . We find that Mr Sunshine is stoneskinned, and has fire resistance on himself and the mummies, making the three of them more difficult than normal. Then we find out magic missiles get through just fine and the target turns to Charr. Charr collapses to it’s onslaught, but Baern rips the unconscious sorcerer out of his boots and carries him back to the antechamber.

Finally, we break through Nebta-Khufre’s arcane-enchanted skin and the wizard falls from the air. Regan, Zahi and Bashum make quick work of the remaining undead.

As the dust settles, we examine the pickings.

From Previous Game:

30 silver funerary rods
Bracers of Armor +1 [Value: 1000gp]
potion CMW
scroll of expeditious retreat [Wizard/Sorcerer/Bard]
scroll of death ward [Cleric/Druid]
wand of invisibility (11) [Charr?]
magical +1 leather [Value: 160gp]
magical +1 buckler [Value: 155gp]
2 lapis bracelets 35gp
lesser book of extended summoning [Baern!]
gold funerary mask [Value: ???]
caster’s shield [Bairn]
cedar tables worth several thousand gold.
masterwork breastplate [350gp]

lesser disruptive metamagic rod [Value: 3000gp]
potion CMW x2
scroll of stinking cloud [Charr?]
wand of enervation 14 [Charr?]
mw club [Value: 300gp]
Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh
ring of sustinence
500gp diamond dust (component for stone skin, restoration, permanancy, ressurection)
onyx worth 500gp (component for animate dead)
silver holy symbols of anubis and pharasma (25gp)
silver unholy symbol of urgathoa

Spellbook – can be sold for 2430gp (value 2860gp)
0- All
1st- Alarm, Chill Touch, Feather Fall, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield
2nd- Arcane Lock, Bear’s Endurance, Command Undead, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Scorching Ray, Spectral Hand
3rd- Communal Resist Energy, Fly, Gentle Repose, Haste, Knock, Ray of Exhaustion, Stinking Cloud, Vampiric Touch
4th- Animate Dead, Ball Lightning, Bestow Curse, Enervation, Fear, Obsidian Flow, Stoneskin

In the Observatory of Truth and Wisdom

After spending some time with Farak, we return to the Necropolis to a fairly simple building with a tower in the middle. Astronomical markings, and mosaics of celestial events decorate the walls. Prayers to Pharasma in ancient Osiriani decorate the moldings. Nefru-Shepsis, the priest who brought Wati back to what it is today put this building aside for the resting place of loyal civil servants. Pieces of star charts of similar make to the piece we got from Unwrapped Harmony litter the place. A spiral of tiles in the middle is identified as the holy symbol of Pharasma.

Bashum says “This observatory is actually dedicated to Thoth, The God of the Moon and Wisdom, and Maat,the Goddess of Celestial Order, not Pharasma. This temple has absolutely nothing to do with Pharasma.” Bairn, approaches the mosaic on the floor saying the mosaic does not look right, it’s a secret door, but he can’t figure out how to open it. Zahi finds an odd thing written in the prayers on the wall, that he thinks maybe stating the phrase outloud it will open the door.

All who live must pass through the doorway of death to face her judgement.

He states it out loud in the center of the spiral, and it drops down into a staircase. Zahi takes the lead and descends into a large, vaulted chamber flanked by jackal-headed statues and over-sized pillars. A reflecting pool, filled with shallow water lays in the center of the room Four sets of double doors stand evenly spaced between the statues on the opposite wall.

Bash recognizes the statues of Anubis have been moved here from another temple. Hiroglyphs on the wall tell about the Shepsis history and specifically the history of Nephru-Shepsis and the founding of Wati. Charr notices a magical aura in the pool which he focuses on it reveals a conjuration aura. Charr directs Regan to dig it out. Regan pullos out a set of bracers and several silver funerary rod. Zahi, Bairn and Bash say the rods were most likely put into the pool to sanctify it.

The doors are bronze. They are not trapped or locked. They open into another large vaulted room with many curtained niches. An altar covered with an unpleasantness lays in the center of the room and several zombies mill about the room and are chained to the wall. And then they see us. We try and lead them out of the room, but they don’t come.

And then three cultists come down the stairs. A female voice calls out, insert text here, and starts to summon things. After a minute, we take her down.

In the room with the zombies, we discover the altar has been desecrated. Inset in the top is a blackened and partially melted seal bearing the heraldic crest of the Shepsis family.

While Regan, Zahi and Bash clean the seal in the consecrated pool, and set it bacl on the altar. When they do, the edges of a hidden panel are outlined in light. Inside is a shield engraved with a phoenix and whipporwills, which Zahi identifies as a caster’s shield.

Two sets of double doors stand to the north. Deciding on the left, Zahi finds no traps. The doors lead to a hall running east-west, with double doors to the north. Statues of morrigna psychopomps stand in the corners of the hall, and a mosaic of stars and constellations depicting the river of souls is inlaid on the floor.

Zahi steps into the room and immediately notices a trap, afterwhich he pushes down the arm of the closest statue and then moves to the northern doors. Zahi opens the doors, into a hallway running east and west. The corridor turns to the north with two sets of double doors to the west and one to the east.

Listening at the first set of doors, Zahi hears some animalistic noises. Opening the doors to a long narrow burial chamber, we interrupt a pack of festrogs fighting over a corpse. Charr throws down a grease as Regan and Bashum rush in, and they fall down rather quickly.

Moving to the central room, we find three animated skeletons guarding a mummified head in a gilded cage. One of the skeletal champions picks up the cage and starts swinging it around like a flail as the head shrieks “KILL THEM!” As we rush in, the head screeches out a spell. After a couple seconds, the skeletons lie dead again, and a couple more rounds, the head is smashed to bits as is the cage.

Scrawled into journals across the table, are words of her life and death. Before and into death, she has had visions of the mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh. Her grandson, Nebta-Khufre, cut off her head to try and harness his power. He has raised undead as his bodyguards, has a mumia-addled thug, and a shadowed mentor.

Heading around the hall, we find stairs going down, and two more rooms. The middle room contains another library, containing the records of every death in Wati since Nephru-Shepsis arrived. A hidden panel in the wall above the table contains a scroll of death ward. The table is also worth a lot also.

The outer room contains sarcophagi and mummified creatures; cats, horses, oxen, etc.

Going down the stairs, into a room tied with blue tiles. As we enter the room, tiles rise up out of the floor and strike us. The next room, an octagon with a large statue of Pharasma holding a dagger and a sprig of medicinal herb used in childbirth and some sarcophagi, along with several curtained alcoves. Zahi detects no magic.

First alcove – nothing. Second alcove – corridor to another room. Third – sixth alcove – nothing. One of us accidentally brushes against the doors, and a skeletal figure with glowing red eyes steps out from behind a curtain.

…and Bairn and Regan disappear…

The creature rushes at Zahi, clawing a huge gouge out of Zahi’s shoulder.

30 silver funerary rods.
Bracers of Armor +1
potion CMW
scroll of expeditious retreat
scroll of death ward
wand of invisibility (11)
magical +1 leather
magical +1 buckler
2 lapis bracelets 35gp
lesser book of extended summoning
gold funerary mask
caster’s shield (Bairn)
cedar tables worth several thousand gold.
masterwork breastplate

xp: 3040

The Lost Episode

Something happened. We got some experience.

Return to the Necropolis

We return to the Grand Mausoleum and report to Ptemenib, Grabbed some supplies and headed back. We decided to check out the spot that Unwrapped Harmony noted as where she saw the Man in the Golden Mask, which also corresponded to another compass. On the way, we stop at Faraq’s Armory, drop off the ankheg carapace and request it made into masterkwork hide armor.

As we move, we start seeing webbing. Regan notices some movement of something climbing out of the webs. Two a large spider lunges at Bairn, and envenoms him. Regan and Bash run up to engage as a second emerges to nibble on Tiger. Regan and Bash take down the one while Tiger, Zahi and Charr take down the other.

As Bairn and Regan are feeling extremely sick, the Flumphs decide to take shelter with the Xotl to rest up.

potion of mage armor [Charr], potion of cure moderate wounds [Regan}, potion of remove fear, 38gp

We get to the area that Unwrapped Harmony indicated and it looks like a bath house, named Marid’s Caress. Unfortunately, a wall has collapsed and destroyed the compass. We begin to dig around, looking perhaps for another gemstone. Bairn finds a tube with glass in it. Charr takes a look for magical aura and identifies it as a monacle of detection. We decide that this would be ideal for our scout.

As we find nothing else,we decide to go check out the other compass sites. As we are making our way through the back alleys, three ghouls attack. Char knocks two of them down with a magic missile as Regan, Zahi and Bash move up. Another undead creature sneaks up out of the alley. Zahi and Bash call out “It’s a wight! Regan! Back up! Don’t let it touch you!”

Eventually, they take it down, but Regan is not feeling well. Both Bash and Zahi know that if his ailment is not cured in 24 hours, be could be permanantly weakened.

Continuing on, we get to a place that appears to have been a house. Most of the walls are completely gone, and it looks like someone built a small building in the middle of the ruins. Zahi and Bairn do a circuit around the outside walls, and determine the building was purposefully removed after the time the area was turned into a Necropolis.

The door in the hut is stone, and has a symbol that Zahi identifies as the family crest of Menkhet Mattya, an astronomer and wizard who lived a couple hundred years ago. Bash opens the door and stone steps lead down.

Bairn goes down first and enters one big room with a sarcophagus, but it looks like anything of value has been taken. The remains of another compass sits on the ground, and the walls are decorated with star charts. The starscapes on the walls are more picturesque which doesn’t match to any real sky, or the start chart we have.

Zahi does not find any secret compartments in the wall. He examines the sarcophagus. It is painted wood. Bairn detects some evocation magic which Zahi identifies as fireball. Confident that he didn’t detect traps, Zahi and Bairn lift the lid, while Charr watches. Bash steps out of the room, avoiding the fireball. Bairn notices a false bottom to the sarcophagus, and finds a box, which Zahi identifies as a boardgame called senet, but this is magical; a game of fortunate passage.

We decide to check out the location of the last compass; the Pyramid of Arithmetic Bliss. It has a wall around it and has some outbuildings surrounding a building topped by a partial pyramid. It was the headquarters of a stone mason’s guild. A couple out buildings stand to the left of the gate, and a long-neglected garden to the right. Two obelisks stand in front of the building at the top of some stairs.

We head to the left, and see that the four buildings are open and were most likely tombs but are now empty. Nothing else around the perimeter of the building is of interest. We approach the door and Bairn hears two voices inside which he can’t make out words. We buff up, and Bash and Regan open the door, revealing two cloudy skeletal creatures chittering mathematical equations to each other.

Bash’s shoulder’s slump and her axe dips to the ground. Char notices and calls out that Bash is out as he lets loose with a scorching ray. The two creatures swoop towards Regan and Bash, passing their appendages through them.

Another scorching ray lances out, missing the creatures and smashing into the wall behind, as Regan cuts one down and Bash cuts the other down. As Bash and Regan are seeing a little foolhardy and unhinged, and Bash cannot cast any spells, Bairn reads a scroll of lesser restoration, healing Bash.

Within the niches are a bunch of scrolls, tomes and paperwork. There are several original manuscripts and treaties which could fetch quite a value to a collector. (2000gp). There are more, which could take days to go through.

We continue into a large room containing seven open sarcophagi. As we enter to check to make sure they are empty, two mummies appear. Regan and Tiger stand there scared. Charr blasts one with a scorching ray as Bairn begins to cast and Zahi circles around, wiping his weapon down with holy weapon balm.

The battle continues with Zahi coating one of the mummies with oil, Regan cutting deeply into the mummies with Natron Fang, Tiger and the summoned riding dog not able to damage the creatures, Bash lighting the oil-covered mummy on fire.

As we are healing after the two mummies are down, Regan and Tiger double over, as their skin begins to dessicate and slough off, and sand begins to pour out of their mouths.

Zahi finds the corpse of a man with a brass mask in the corner. On the body is a notebook, a map of the necropolis listing The Observatory of Truth and Wisdom, The Shiny Bauble, The Tomb of Menkhet Mattya, Marid’s Caress [Crossed Out], the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye [Crossed Out] and Pyramid of Arithmetic Bliss.

The makeshift camp in the corner was used for several days, used by four to six people, and it looks like it was purposefully abandoned a couple days. We also find a ring of feather fall and five masterwork falchions.

As we are leaving to head back, we run into three cultists on their way in. We kill two and charm the third who tells us the Sky Pharah, their deity, a pharaoh from old who will come back to rule Osirion. They are searching for The Mask,but other than that he knows nothing else.

Big List of Loot

Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

Magic Items




12 turquoise



impressive statue (Silver Chain Lair)
three rivers codex – genaeology of Wati’s nobility (Silver Chain Lair)

formula book (Deadward Needle-Hands)
4 doses of mumia.
vial containing a thick black liquid – Black Smear Poison


In which the Flumphs meet the Xotl and the Ex-Xotl
It Was a Dark and Smelly Night...

We send Regan back to the Grand Mausoleum with a note describing our day. We plan to head to the Xotl, the dark folk living near by on Vizier’s Hill. Their leader, Unwrapped Harmony, may have a lot of knowledge of the Necropolis.

It’s a short walk and we do not encounter any resistance. As we are walking down the path to the run down estate, we are approached by a dark stalker and two creepers. We introduce ourselves and state our business to locate the nexus of necrotic energy. They take us below and offer us cloudy water, roasted rat, scarab on the half shell, slug surprise…

We tell her what we are looking for, and she offers a deal. The information we seek for a service to take out an exiled dark folk necromancer. Gaunt Cadaver is his name and he is performing foul necromantic rituals on his other kinds. Bring back the magic stone Gaunt Cadaver swallowed and we will get the information we seek. Bring back any wayward followers and we will be rewarded for each of them returned.

We head over Viziers Hill and approach a villa surrounded by some vegetation. Somewhat rectangular and overgrown with weeds and vines. Two sets of double doors stand closed at the front. Baern makes a circuit. As he moves towards the back, two huge creatures burst out of the sand near him, and rend into him with their mandibles. Char shoots out with a bolt of pure force, as Tiger, Zahi and Bash rush out to assist.

The first grabs Baern in it’s mandibles and dives underground with the dwarf in his jaws. Char Scales the wall and breathes forth a line of fire from his mouth, striking the second creature. Tiger rakes into it and it drops.

The second emerges from the ground grabbing and rending Tiger into unconscious. Charr shoots another scorching ray, but it goes wide. Zahi and Bash rush in and drop the creature.

Baern begins to peel off pieces of carapace. When we get to the pile of dirt, we find a tunnel descending into the earth coated with some kind of hardened resin. Returning to the front, Zahi checks the doors, determining that the right side hasn’t been used recently. Bash opens them into what appears to be a dining room. She wrinkles her nose up at the foetid stench.

Bash steps into the room, and a humanoid sits up. A carrion golem. Tiger and Bash begin to throw-up rats and bugs. Zahi saves the day with his slashy scimitar. We begin to explore the passage to the east. A door to the south looks like a bedroom containing one bed and three bedrolls. Moving up the corridor, we find a series of bedrooms with hammocks, but no living creatures. In the third room on the left, a door stands closed across from the door .
The door opens into a large, roofed courtyard, with a raised, dry pool in the center. A tiled walkway circles the raised pool, and a door can be made out across the way. Two sets of closed double doors stand to the south, and one to the north. As we move th the north, three creepers pop out and attack. Charr tells them to stand down and return tho the Xotl unscathed, or die. They opt to die. One explodes. Charr threatens to burn the other two alive, and they scoff. Another blows up. Charr tells the remaining one to drop his weapon or explode like his comrades. He does, and scuttles off.

  • 400gp in random coins
  • 4 +2 screaming crossbow bolts[Charr]
  • potion of blur, 2 potion of cure moderate wounds

Opening the doors to the north (after needing to use a knock spell to unbar the door) reveals a grisly scene; gaunt cadaver stands over the bound form of a creeper holding an obsidian scalpel. Three short, emaciated figures stand nearby, chanting, holding decapitated and dessicated heads in their hands.

Gaunt Cadaver welcomes us to his temple and commands his ‘converts’ to restrain us for enlightenment. They rush at us. Charr makes one of the converts, a dark creeper and Gaunt all sparkly. One of the converts goes down quickly, and explodes. Zahi rushes in to confront the wizard, and Bairn summons a giant ant which grabs Gaunt.

Bash casts silence on herself and runs into combat. Char steps into the door and blasts the necromancer with three magic missiles, causing him to explode. Zahi runs around disarming the dark creeper. Charr blasts the dark creeper with a magic missile, and Bashum channels the holy energy of Calistria through her axe and cleaves the final zombie, causing it to explode in a burst of unholy energy.

  • steadfast gut stone
  • scroll – speak with dead
  • vial containing a thick black liquid – Black Smear Poison
  • healer’s kit, surgeon’s tools,
  • bolt of silk – 200gp
  • #3 jar of giant bee royal jelly – ~240gp
  • 20 ivory servant statuettes, ushabti – ~15gp ea
  • gold and onyx earrings – ~80gp
  • gold and onyx necklace – ~250gp
  • lapis lazuli bracelet – ~50gp
  • 240gp, 345sp, 75cp

Our heroes return to Unwrapped Harmony victorious, holding the gut stone out for her to see. She is impressed and somewhat surprised as the group recalls the battle and the relative ease in which they dispatched the foul Gaunt Cadaver. Unwrapped Harmony then settles back in her chair and beings to tell our heroes of the recent events in the Necropolis.

She speaks of the recent comings and goings of adventuring bands in the southern half of the necropolis. But what really piques the Flumphs’ interest is her story of the curious sight one of her people saw several nights ago: a strange figure near an old bathhouse called the Madrid’s Caress. The figure was carrying a golden mask and arguing with something in a brass cage mere hours before the ka pulse washed over the city. In its haste, the mysterious stranger left behind a torn scrap of parchment, which Unwrapped Harmony gives to the group. Char, Zahi, and Baern immediately identify and exclaim in unison that the scrap is a part of a star chart of the summer skies over Wati. However, due to its incomplete nature it is impossible to tell whether it is an academic reference, a navigational chart, or a divination aid.


*Everyone (including Regan) receives 960 XP

Gemstone Pacts and Night Terrors
Of Dragons and Revenants

The market street is fairly wide, with stalls lining it and decayed plants clinging to the stall walls. Zahi approaches the door, examining it and listening at it. He notices human footprints, some bare and some shod, in the sand by the door. There is a worn sign outside of the door reading “Windward … Oils Co.”.

Bash opens the door, into what looks like a shop, smelling of spices and decay. A counter stands in the middle of the room. Zahi says this is the Windward Wend Oil company, a company which prepared spiced oils for 10 generations before the plague of madness. Three humans dressed as adventurers, claiming to be The Sunrise Guild. They say that the men with the masks were seen in the area back where we came from, and another man in a mask was seen to the East. We convince them that they need to leave the Necropolis and walk them halfway back to the front gates.

We get back and begin to move towards the beaded curtain in back, and alchemists fire shots out as the door bursts open and the three guys return. We quickly take care of them, tie up the survivor and search them.

3 x mwk heavy mace
3 x magical cape ( 2 are catching capes)
6 potions (3 CMW, 3 hide from undead) [CMW: Regan and Bashum]
6 alchemist fire
3 mwk studded leather
3 slings 60 bullets
3 thieves tools
3 onyx ring
magical bracers (burgar’s bracer) [Zahi]

Nothing of value so Zahi approaches the curtain, examining it and determining it isn’t trapped. There is a small room with doors on either side and a curtain straight ahead. The beaded curtain opens to a good size room littered with tables which looks like a work room. The reek of chemicals emits from broken pottery and class vials and chopped up mummified limbs litter the tables and floor.

And then some Deadward Scissor-Hands lunges from the shadows and bites Baern. And then it steps back, drinks something and vomits a swarm of spiders. As Bash and Regan take on the vivisectionist, Zahi begins to tend to the swarm. Pulling out a flask of alchemist fire, he trips and finds himself flat on his back, but still holding the alchemist fire. The spider’s swarm over Zahi and Char, causing Char to vomit on Zahi.

Deadward chews some more on Bash. Char and Zahi move into the room with Regan, Bash and Deadward. Regan and Bash quickly take down Deadward, and Baern and Char burn up the swarm with oil.

vial of greenblood oil (6 doses)
robe of needles
alchemist crafting kit
formula book

Zahi finds a secret compartment in the corner of the room, finding 4 doses of mumia.

Going back, we check the side doors. Bash opens the east door to a bed chamber, stacked with mummies. Other than that, it has been stripped clean. The other door is a closet.

Baern climbs up to the roof and finds a place where a necro compass could have been, but it looks like it was removed recently. As Baern is climbing down, a group of undead appear around the corner. Regan and Bash make VERY quick work of them in about 12 seconds…

Baern finds the tracks, and we follow them back to the tunnels we came in from, where we lose the trail. We decide to go to the next closest necroscope, which is close to the gates. A sign on the outside reads, The Shiny Bauble, and looks to be a glassblower. We can see the Elegiac Compass on the roof. Regan climbs up and drops a knotted rope. Char and Zahi climb up and examine the compass. It is in quite good condition, but something about a hands length in diameter is missing.

The door is ajar, and there is a lot of sand inside. There are no footprints in the sand. The building is basically one big room, with a small store room towards the back. Lots of broken glass, but nothing of value. We go back outside and skirt around to the sinkhole.

The sinkhole drops down about 50’. We secure a rope and lower it down. Regan climbs down, and when he gets to the bottom, he can’t see walls. Zahi climbs down and then Char starts down and Zahi catches a reptilian shadow just as it yells “Who would sully my home!” Zahi and Char attempt to befriend, but fail,and it runs up and sprays us with color.

With a lot of diplomacy, flattery, and the gift of many gems and a golden chalice, we negotiate for the power core of the necroscope. It is a loan, for five days. Her name is Shardizhad.

Zahi gets the power core back in, and tunes the compass and it points off in the direction of the Oil Company we were at before, but we have no idea of distance. We head over to the Home of Pentheru to rest in a place we know is safe; the crypt. The two-headed dog is no-where to be seen, and we decided to camp in the crypt.

Night 1

During the night, Zahi does not hear the ropes securing the doors get cut or the doors open, but he does hear something coming down the stairs. She runs past most of the group and attacks Bashum, grabbing and hugging her.

Char wakes up, jumps up and moves to the stairs down, and recognizes the mangled corpse of Velriana Hypaxes, claws of sharpened bone raking against Bashum’s throat. Hypaxes screams and Char and Zahi cower in fear. Baern grabs the creature and it releases Bash’s unconscious body. She turns and rakes her claws across Baern’s face, and then grabs him. Char greases Baern, who turns into a snake and slithers away. She turns to Regan and grabs him.

Char summons a vanth psychopomp who slices her deeply with it’s scythe, and the sorcerer then enlarges Regan, breaking him free of the grapple. Regan slams down on Hypaxes with Natron Fang. Baern steps in and fills Regan with the strength of the bear.

Lots more things happen, but eventually the vanth psychopomp reduces her to ashes with a searing light. She carries:

bladed belt
6 gold bracelets
ruby studded diadem
necklace of smoky quartz.


Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

tin bird with three magical feathers (has a spot for a 4th feather)
potions undetectable alignment x4
2 doses of seer’s tea
bladed belt (Hypaxes Revenant) 2000gp
robe of needles – 1000gp
3 x magical cape ( 2 are catching capes) 200gp each
6 potions (3 CMW, 3 hide from undead) [CMW: Regan and Bashum]
+1 leather armor x1 – sell (1160gp)

studded leather (25gp)
3 mwk studded leather
composite shortbow +3 Strength (300gp)
mwk kukri (308gp)
dagger, 5 darts, shortsword (14.5gp)
2 hand crossbow (100gp each)
40 bolts
punch dagger, sap x4 (3gp for each set; 12gp)
3 x mwk heavy mace
3 slings 60 bullets
12 turquoise
gold funerary mask (Ekram)
gold ring (35gp)
jewelry, art (765gp)
silver chain bracelet x4
850gp in jewelry (wrecked cart)
6 gold bracelets (Hypaxes Revenant)
ruby studded diadem (Hypaxes Revenant)
necklace of smoky quartz (Hypaxes Revenant)
3 onyx ring (Windward Oils)
key to the unknown (Ekram)
impressive statue (Silver Chain Lair)
three rivers codex – genaeology of Wati’s nobility (Silver Chain Lair)
broken water clock but the work of a legendary engineer named Pharaon
quill, ink, parchment (Silver Chain Lair)
oil of taggit x4 (90gp each)
spell component pouch x4 (5gp ea)
spellbook x4 (Each – 31 0-level spells, 7 1st level spells; 352.55gp each)
thieves tools (30gp)
crowbar x4 (2gp each; 8gp)
MW Thieves tools x4 (100gp each; 400gp)
3 #10 kegs of saffron (Silver Chain Lair)
silk (60gp)
alchemist crafting kit (Deadward Needle-Hands) (25gp)
formula book (Deadward Needle-Hands)
vial (Deadward Needle-Hands)
4 doses of mumia.
6 alchemist fire (20gp ea)
3 thieves tools (30gp ea)
Into the Necropolis

Last tine necroscopes were used was >30 years ago. Nacht Shepsis suspected a cult of lamias called Amushet may be behind the uprising. Ptemenib said he visited the grave robbers, and delt with a gang of dark folk beneath Vizier’s Hill in the SW corner, named the Xotl. An old villa of the Asetiti family. Xotl leader is named Unwrapped Harmony.

In the Lair of the Silver Chain

Stairs go down. Regan starts down. Zahi and Quinn stand guard in the office. The smell of mildew and stale incense wafts up from below. Lanterns light the corridor below, revealing sturdy-looking doors.

Bairn pushes his way to the front and starts down the stairs, eliciting several creaks and groans. He gets to the bottom and the floor suddenly crumbles away beneath him, sending him plummeting into darkness, to land below.

After turning into a bird, and flying up, Charr brings down several long boards and builds a makeshift bridge, which we all get across. We move to the double doors to the right, hich opens up into a large storage room, with scarcophagi, crates, barrels, urns, and such. The leatherly smell of death hangs over the place.

Bairn detects some magic coming from the center of the room. He and Charr check it out and decide to make note of it and return at a later date. But as they turn, something catches Bairn’s eye; broken canopic jars, with the entrails spilling out. And then they lurch up hovering into the air and slams into Bairn and off into the darkness. (see Flying Entrail Monster)

Bashum and Regan attempt to corner it. It smashes into regan hard, who takes a step back and drinks a healing draught. Char attempts to sear it with a ray of fire, but the shot goes wide. Regan pushes the attack after being healed by Bairn, cornering it. The thing smacks it’s liver into Bash’s face, who looks sickened. Between Bash, Regan and Tiger, the creature falls.

We decide to push on and look through the goods here later. Bairn checks the doors on the other side of the room, and detects nothing. Regan and Bash step up and open the door, and are mauled by an armored hyena. It doesn’t take long for Bash to take the hyena down. She moves into the room and a thug jumps out and slashes at her. Bairn and tiger move in, but another thug rushes out to attack the dwarf. Regan tries to pushthe guy off the edge, and Charr aids him with a well placed grease spell.

Bairn grabs Char’s spear and he and Regan attack the guy in the water as Charr throws glitter at the other guy, blinding him. The other guy tries to swim away as Regan tries to figure out how to figure out how to stop the guy from bleeding to death. Bairn tells him to apply direct pressure to the man’s throat to stop him from bleeding.

Regan opens the door to the side of the landing and smells something pungent. Bairn calls out that the smell is poison gas. We close the door and go back the other way.

As we move through the large storage room, Qazim starts going a bit nuts and leads Charr over to some Pharasmin vestments and holy symbol, hung up on some chains against the wall. Charr collects them and stores them in his haversack.

The doors to the side lead to an alchemical lab. Charr pulls out his scroll of alter winds, and goes back to the doors to the room by the canal, and causes a draft to pull the gas out of the alchemical lab, venting it into the canal.

Bairn detects magic coming from the body, and proceeds to loot him and finds some stuff and a note.

“Your sects efforts have been exemplary so far but there is much yet to be done. The necropolis of Wati will soon be opened, andwe might find clues that have laid hidden for too long. Transportation and means of communication will be provided. A gang of grave robbers called the Silver Chain should provide you with the cover and resources you need to continue the search. Once you arrive in the city, infiltrate this Silver Chain and bent them to His divine will. Move quickly. Once the Pharasmins open the necropolis to explorers, we run the risk of outsiders finding the mask first. Succeed and ”/characters/hakotep" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hakotep’s moment of resurrection will soon be at hand. I do not need to tell you how much I would loathe expressing the Sky Pharaoh’s displeasure should you fail."

Charr finds some notes detailing that they were attempting to create mumia, a drug made from the essence of mummies.

We rest in the alchemy lab, dragging the bodies out to the dock, and barricading the doors with tables.

After an restful night, we check out the doors on the other side. The odd room contains several wells, a basin filled with water, a table with some chairs and a crate. Disassembled plumbing connections lie scattered around the south end of the room. Bairn knows these are sump wells, which keep the basement from flooding but also serve for fire control. There are beds, and what looks like a dining room.

Bairn finds a loose brick near a bed and finds a magical amulet.

In one of the wells, Charr finds Ptemenib. Bairn walks down the wall, picks him up and walks out. He’s been here since the night of the auction, when he followed the agents of the Silver Chain. We fill him in about what has been happening.

We listen at the last remaining door and hear voices. Smiling, Charr puts the mask on , flips the cape over his shoulder, opens the door and strides in Charr tries to bluff, fails and greases.

After several greases, sprays of color, Regan falling down, we finally take down all four of the masked men.


Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

amulet of natural armor +1 -Zahi
handy haversack -Bairn
+1 leather armor x1 – Zahi
tin bird with three magical feathers (has a spot for a 4th feather)
potions undetectable alignment x4
scroll of wispering wind x4 (Zahi x2, Charr x2)
cloak of resistance +1 x4 (Charr, Regan, Zahi, Bairn)
2 doses of seer’s tea
Natron Fang ( +1 kopesh carved from mineral salts, overcomes mummies DR. Once per day against incorporeal undead, causes Cha damage, Will save DC for half) – Regan

+1 leather armor x1 – sell
studded leather (25gp)
composite shortbow +3 Strength (300gp)
mwk kukri (308gp)
key to the unknown
gold funerary mask
impressive statue
three rivers codex – genaeology of Wati’s nobility
broken water clock but the work of a legenrary engineer named Pharaon
quill, ink, parchment
oil of taggit x4
dagger, 5 darts, shortsword (14.5gp)
spell component pouch x4 (5gp ea)
spellbook x4 (Each – 31 0-level spells, 7 1st level spells; 352.55gp each)
thieves tools (30gp)
brass funerary mask (Charr)
12 turquoise
gold ring (35gp)
gems, jewelry, art (1765gp)
2 hand crossbow (100gp each)
40 bolts
punch dagger, sap x4 (3gp for each set; 12gp)
crowbar x4 (2gp each; 8gp)
MW Thieves tools x4 (100gp each; 400gp)
silver chain bracelet x4
3 #10 kegs of saffron
60gp in silk
850gp in jewelry

At the Gates of the Necropolis
and other stories...

We decide to heat to the gates. We have to skirt a little to the south. As we pass a low, sandstone building with fresh corpses littering the road, we her screams and a gravelly voice from within. Each of the bodies have had a single eye removed, and bear bruises and signs of restraint on their arms and wrists and looked to have died of shock.

Zahi speaks and states that centuries ago, justice took two forms, removing an eye, or death. Zahi and Quinn move up, and enter stealthily, finding themselves in a courtroom with living people being held by skeletons, and a bloody skeleton magistrate holding court at the bench.

The magistrate looks annoyingly up at Zahi as he stands in the door, and then goes on. Zahi walks in and claims to be council. While he is allowed to talk to the man on trial, we spend some time preparing. After a couple moments, the magistrate states ‘Begin!’, and combat begins.

Regan walks in, hits a skeleton and it litterally, explodes, killing the living captive. Tiger runs in, and bites the skeleton, causing it to explode and knock the captive unconscious. Char moves in, and attempts to control the magistrate but fails. Regan takes out another skeleton, killing the defendant and Tiger charges but misses.

Eyetaker steps up and claws at Zahi, drawing blood.

Char attempts to slip the bloody magistrate and the skeletal bailiff, but the pair remain standing. Zahi withdraws and Tiger takes down the magistrate. Charr spits at the remaining skeleton, causing it to destroy.

A quick search reveals magical aurae coming from Old Eyetaker. He is wearing a magical circlet that enhances the wearer’s powers of persuasion. Charr thinks about putting a claim in, but suggests Zahi take it.

We reach the gates. A priestess of Pharasma, Bal Themm stands with several guards, as pounding resounds on the gates, as the gates heave and creak from the force of the undead tide beyond. We hail her and ask what she needs. She asks us to return to the Grand Mausoleum to get more holy water, but before she can ask for more, a shadowy creature materializes through the gate and slams its arm down on her shoulder.

“It’s an undead shadow!!” (see undead shadow) calls out Zahi, “Normal weapons can’t damage it!” Tiger and Regan step up and attack as Bal retreats to next to Zahi.Zahi wipes an oil on his blade, which begins to glow with a blue light, as Charr steps up, unrolling a scroll. Zahi moves to flank, and Quinn shoots, hitting once. Bash steps up, between the creature and Regan, but fails to hit.

The creature reaches out and strikes at Zahi, and Zahi feels weaker, but Regan swings his hammer and the shadow creature dissipates.

Bal implores us to return to the temple with a letter she writes, telling us that it is much more important for us to get her message back to the Grand Mausoleum than staying here, as even if we all stayed, we wouldn’t really make a difference against the hordes of undead.

We go back to the Tooth and Hookah. Faran offers ourselves our own rooms, but Charr and Zahi offer to again, stay in the common room. During the night, there is substantially less screaming and mayhem.

We decide to go check out the said lair of the Silver Chain. On our way, a woman runs out froma side street, chased by zombies. Then two hulking creatures with skeletal crocodile heads. The creatures knock the woman unconsious and start to feed on the zombies. We move up to aid the woman and the creatures turn to attack. (see undead croca-bear)

Charr throws a pat of butter at the closest creature, but it fails to fall down, and even acrobatically charges Regan. Zahi steps up, opens his mouth and nothing seems to happen. Quinn shoots and takes one down with a well-placed arrow.

Regan moves up and the second creature takes a chomp at it. Bairn moves un abd determines the woman has severe internal bleeding and will not survive without assistance. Char moves up with Bash and throws a fistful of glitter at the creature, coating it with sparkles and causing it to become blind. It disappears, but remains outlined in sparkles, and Regan smacks it down as it attempts to move away.

We help the woman up. She said she and her children were starving and she went out to get some food. We see her back to her villa, and offer her rations. And then we head on towards the docks.

As we are on our way, we see a small bird fluttering and walking behind us, speaking in multitude of tongues, and we recognize the name Pteminib. We manage to calm it down, and both Zahi and I recognize it as a nosio psychopomp. It says it’s name is Qasin, Pteminib’s cohort. Pteminib saw an agent of the Silver Chain, and saw him leave and followed him. Qasin stayed behind. She has been following us for the past several days to gauge our strength and see if we could assist in finding Pteminib.

We agree to help and it can come along. We continue and come upon an angry mob, screaming and yelling at a woman who appears to be defending a zombie. Before we got to this spot, we heard what sounded like a thunderclap, but the skies are clear. As we approach, we see the zombie is bound.

The crowd wants the zombie put down. Sehhosep, half elf, instructor at the Hall of the Blessed Rebirth. She assists in the preparation of the dead for burial. She had finished mummifying her husband, when he animated. She is convinced she can revitalize her husband and wants assistance getting back to her workshop.

We manage to convince the crowd that we are better at handling situations than they, and they disperse. We manage to convince Sehosep that living as a zombie is no life for her husband. She asks us to take care of it, and Bash takes care of it. We put the body on the cart and escort her home.


We head to the docks. Qasin is making a lot of noise and turns invisible. The docks district is a system of canals with bridges. As we walk along, An enormous snake creature slither’s out of the canal. Zahi recognizes it as an amphisbaena, a poisonous snake with two heads.

It bites Quinn, who’s shot riccochets off a nearby building and hits Tiger. Regan moves to interpose himself between soft, squishy Charr. There is a flurry of activity, summoning of birds, against the glitter-covered snake. Finally, we kill it.

We finally find the burnt down and crumbling Bright River Brickworks. Only two fire-scarred, exterior walls stand, along with several kilns. Near the back kiln, Quinn notices two guards which look like city watch. Zahi and Charr approach, attempt to bluff our way in, they pull their weapons and Charr makes them see pretty colors. Shortly, one lies dead, one is unconsious.

We interrogate the man, get the layout of the catacombs below, find out there is another entrance, by boat, through the canal. The previous leader was murdered, and his command usurped by Ekram, a man in a golden mask. Strim them,

Floorboards pried up and construct a crude stair going down. 3 kegs stand beside the door, containing saffron.



Circlet of Persuasion (Zahi)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (Bairn)
gold ring (35gp)
outlandish silk hat (75gp) (Charr)
potion of CLW x2 (Regan, Bash)
alch fire x2 (Zahi, Char)
holy water x2 (Bash x2)
punch dagger, sap x2
antitoxin x2 (Bairn)
climber’s kit x2 (Regan, Charr)
crowbar x2
MW Thieves tools x2
sunrods x4 (Zahi)
silver chain bracelet x2
leather armor +1 x2 (Bairn, Zahi)
3 #10 kegs of saffron

Stuff From Last Time We Still Haven’t Sold

60gp in silk
gold chalice set with an intricately carved jade scarab (550gp)
2 doses of seer’s tea
Hand of the Honest Man (Bashum)
850gp in jewelry


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