Mummy's Mask

In which the Flumphs meet the Xotl and the Ex-Xotl

It Was a Dark and Smelly Night...

We send Regan back to the Grand Mausoleum with a note describing our day. We plan to head to the Xotl, the dark folk living near by on Vizier’s Hill. Their leader, Unwrapped Harmony, may have a lot of knowledge of the Necropolis.

It’s a short walk and we do not encounter any resistance. As we are walking down the path to the run down estate, we are approached by a dark stalker and two creepers. We introduce ourselves and state our business to locate the nexus of necrotic energy. They take us below and offer us cloudy water, roasted rat, scarab on the half shell, slug surprise…

We tell her what we are looking for, and she offers a deal. The information we seek for a service to take out an exiled dark folk necromancer. Gaunt Cadaver is his name and he is performing foul necromantic rituals on his other kinds. Bring back the magic stone Gaunt Cadaver swallowed and we will get the information we seek. Bring back any wayward followers and we will be rewarded for each of them returned.

We head over Viziers Hill and approach a villa surrounded by some vegetation. Somewhat rectangular and overgrown with weeds and vines. Two sets of double doors stand closed at the front. Baern makes a circuit. As he moves towards the back, two huge creatures burst out of the sand near him, and rend into him with their mandibles. Char shoots out with a bolt of pure force, as Tiger, Zahi and Bash rush out to assist.

The first grabs Baern in it’s mandibles and dives underground with the dwarf in his jaws. Char Scales the wall and breathes forth a line of fire from his mouth, striking the second creature. Tiger rakes into it and it drops.

The second emerges from the ground grabbing and rending Tiger into unconscious. Charr shoots another scorching ray, but it goes wide. Zahi and Bash rush in and drop the creature.

Baern begins to peel off pieces of carapace. When we get to the pile of dirt, we find a tunnel descending into the earth coated with some kind of hardened resin. Returning to the front, Zahi checks the doors, determining that the right side hasn’t been used recently. Bash opens them into what appears to be a dining room. She wrinkles her nose up at the foetid stench.

Bash steps into the room, and a humanoid sits up. A carrion golem. Tiger and Bash begin to throw-up rats and bugs. Zahi saves the day with his slashy scimitar. We begin to explore the passage to the east. A door to the south looks like a bedroom containing one bed and three bedrolls. Moving up the corridor, we find a series of bedrooms with hammocks, but no living creatures. In the third room on the left, a door stands closed across from the door .
The door opens into a large, roofed courtyard, with a raised, dry pool in the center. A tiled walkway circles the raised pool, and a door can be made out across the way. Two sets of closed double doors stand to the south, and one to the north. As we move th the north, three creepers pop out and attack. Charr tells them to stand down and return tho the Xotl unscathed, or die. They opt to die. One explodes. Charr threatens to burn the other two alive, and they scoff. Another blows up. Charr tells the remaining one to drop his weapon or explode like his comrades. He does, and scuttles off.

  • 400gp in random coins
  • 4 +2 screaming crossbow bolts[Charr]
  • potion of blur, 2 potion of cure moderate wounds

Opening the doors to the north (after needing to use a knock spell to unbar the door) reveals a grisly scene; gaunt cadaver stands over the bound form of a creeper holding an obsidian scalpel. Three short, emaciated figures stand nearby, chanting, holding decapitated and dessicated heads in their hands.

Gaunt Cadaver welcomes us to his temple and commands his ‘converts’ to restrain us for enlightenment. They rush at us. Charr makes one of the converts, a dark creeper and Gaunt all sparkly. One of the converts goes down quickly, and explodes. Zahi rushes in to confront the wizard, and Bairn summons a giant ant which grabs Gaunt.

Bash casts silence on herself and runs into combat. Char steps into the door and blasts the necromancer with three magic missiles, causing him to explode. Zahi runs around disarming the dark creeper. Charr blasts the dark creeper with a magic missile, and Bashum channels the holy energy of Calistria through her axe and cleaves the final zombie, causing it to explode in a burst of unholy energy.

  • steadfast gut stone
  • scroll – speak with dead
  • vial containing a thick black liquid – Black Smear Poison
  • healer’s kit, surgeon’s tools,
  • bolt of silk – 200gp
  • #3 jar of giant bee royal jelly – ~240gp
  • 20 ivory servant statuettes, ushabti – ~15gp ea
  • gold and onyx earrings – ~80gp
  • gold and onyx necklace – ~250gp
  • lapis lazuli bracelet – ~50gp
  • 240gp, 345sp, 75cp

Our heroes return to Unwrapped Harmony victorious, holding the gut stone out for her to see. She is impressed and somewhat surprised as the group recalls the battle and the relative ease in which they dispatched the foul Gaunt Cadaver. Unwrapped Harmony then settles back in her chair and beings to tell our heroes of the recent events in the Necropolis.

She speaks of the recent comings and goings of adventuring bands in the southern half of the necropolis. But what really piques the Flumphs’ interest is her story of the curious sight one of her people saw several nights ago: a strange figure near an old bathhouse called the Madrid’s Caress. The figure was carrying a golden mask and arguing with something in a brass cage mere hours before the ka pulse washed over the city. In its haste, the mysterious stranger left behind a torn scrap of parchment, which Unwrapped Harmony gives to the group. Char, Zahi, and Baern immediately identify and exclaim in unison that the scrap is a part of a star chart of the summer skies over Wati. However, due to its incomplete nature it is impossible to tell whether it is an academic reference, a navigational chart, or a divination aid.


*Everyone (including Regan) receives 960 XP


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