Mummy's Mask

The Lottery

In Which We Explore the Tomb of a Long-Dead General

After the assistance we gave to the Church of Pharasma, we are granted passes to the lottery of Wati. The church is overseeing the opening of the necropolis in order to reclaim the riches of Osirion. My companions whom I met in Kaer Maga and I planned on entering and, for lack of a better word, plundering, the tombs of the long dead.

Ah yes, my companions. I suppose I should introduce them. Of the original group, there is Vargrinn, the dwarven gunslinging mercenery, Bashum Bashumgood and myself, Charr Sharivazen child of Katapesh. Also along with us are Shai Mau, a cat-man with a knack for sneaking, and Quinn Ammell, a quiet man with quite a knack with a bow.

On our way into Wati, we met a man named Baern and his tiger companion. He interested us enough that we invited him along with us as we made our way to the Grand Mausoleum, there, under a red and white striped awning, we met with Sebti the Crocodile. She asked us the name of our group. We hemmed and hawed for a couple seconds before Bashum spoke up and said Flumpfs in a Blanket. With no better name, flumpfs we became.

Once we had registered, we were given The Rules, and are told to return in the morning. After briefly weighing our options, we opt to use the Tooth and Hookah as our base of action. A typical den of iniquity, hookahs on every table, a pygmy crocodile lounging next to the stand-up bar like a mascot.

A robust, elderly man named Faran greets us. Two tables are taken. One table holds a couple drunk locals. The other table comprised of unkempt halflings drinking hard. One of them seems to be in charge, named Mad Dog, of the group known as The Dog Soldiers.

As the night progresses, a couple other groups arrive. First, an all female group led by a red-headed Ulfen, going by the name of The Daughters of the Desert, followed by a gropu composed of a Chelish warrior, a Qadiran priestess of Sarenrae, an arcanist of some sort, and a scout, named the Cryptfinders. Next in was a group dressed all in dark clothing, calling themselves the Sand Scorpions.

The last group, called the Scorched Hand, is led by a woman in foppish clothing, topped with a broad-brimmed hat decorated with peacock feathers, with a lute strung over her back, who we will learn later is named Velriana Hypaxes.

The next morning, the high priestess calls for silence, invokes Pharasma, and gives a brief History of Wati. Following another official recitation of The Rules, the Lottery begins.

We are assigned The Tomb of Akhentepi.

After arriving at the tomb and gaining entrance, we are assaulted by scorpions, which we drop quickly. Vargrinn attempts to extract the scorpion poison.

Beyond the wheel door is another room, with a shaft descending. Shai climbs a rope down to a similar sized room, with doors on either end. The doors are carved with a face. A body lies in front of one pair of doors, marred by a dark stain.

We lower our gear down, and climb down. I almost falls, but heroically grab the edge of the shaft. After that, I easily climbs down with my feet braced against the wall.

Bashum opens the one set of doors revealing a corridor ending in double doors. On either side walls feature carvings of battles. Shai moves down the hall with Bash, Vargrinn and myself following. Arrows shoot out catching us in a crossfire. An ancient trap!

Shai and Quinn try and deactivate the trap, setting it off.

Enter a room, with doors on the side walls, and a tapestry on a wooden frame, flanked by mummified cats.

Down the North stairs, and into a room with a chariot, a chest, two stone columns with animal skins stretched between them. Shai moves to the chest, and as he goes to open it, razors slice into his paws. He is proving to be more of a trap-setter-offer, than a trap-finder.

Inside are three potions, two books with good plated metal sheets for pages weighing quite a lot. First is a biography of Akhentepi and the second is a list of military campaign. Probably worth several hundred gold coins each.

Corridor leaves room to the east, has masks hanging on the walls. Four gold-plated funerary (Pharasma, Abadar, and two others we don’t recognize) masks on one wall. The room to the east with a table with a diorama, 3 shields on a rack, and weapons on the south wall. 5 small chests and a clay urn. As Shai moves into the room, three tiny figures crawl down off the diorama. The ubashti dolls quickly take Shai down, and prove to be very difficult.

Among the spoils are a magical light steel shield shaped like a scarab, matching Akhentepi’s shield. Scarab Shield, a couple other shields, a composite shortbow, khopesh, spear, some chests of good craftsmanship, not locked or trapped, but sealed with wax. The contain some coins and a container of nard.

Heading back to the tapestry room, we go through south door to a room with a mirror and 2 statues. Ajar doors leading east and west. In the mirror is an image of Akhentepi. The mirror has illusion and transmutation on it, and seems to be some kind of magical brand. I tell the people not to look in the mirror.

We head east entering a long chamber lined with pillars, stone jackal heads jut from the walls, and a stone altar sits out from the east wall. As we open the door, ten legged spiders crawl out from behind the altar. We kill them quickly.


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