Charr Sharivazen

this dusky-skinned man bears an odd shock of fiery orange hair and a tuft of similar colored hair on his chin


Personality Traits:

  • I live in the moment. I hate having to think ahead, and would rather rely on my quick wits than make a plan.
  • I hate repeating myself. I would rather do something new every day and not know the results than repeat the same trustworthy plan day after day.
    Ideal – Life is random. Embrace it.
    Bond – I will be famous one day, no matter who gets in my way.
    Flaw – I am a constant liar. I can never tell the truth.

Char is the bastard son of a Kelish woman. His mother, an artisan, has never told him about his father.

When he was a young adult, a man named Amenmersbastaser reckognized him for what he was and his potential. Explaining that he had genie blood running through his veins, and explaining his potential, Amenmersebastaser soon became a father figure to the boy, teaching him arcane knowledge, the art of the silver tongue.

Soon, the man had Char mingling with a crowd that was far above Char’s stature. It was intoxicating. What Amenmersebastaser had taught him, the way of the silver tongue, helped Char to survive, to thrive.

And then it changed. The others were more adept at the way of the silver tongue. They told Char of an evil wizard, a manipulator who lured in the weak, taught them minor tricks that to the weak seemed like major arcana. Char investigated the places they mentioned, the people they talked about, and soon found the secret lair of the evil wizard. He told his new friends of it, of the lair of the evil wizard. Delighted, they descended on the wizards lair, dragged him out and hung him.

Only they had lied, and the evil wizard was Char’s mentor, Amenmersebastaser.

Smugly looked down on by the crowd he so recently mingled with, he realized that he was not their peer or equal, but their pawn. And he would have none of that. Telling his mother he was leaving for Wati to seek his fortune, he packed his things, but not before making sure several of the houses and business establishments of those he so recently called ‘friends’ were burning.

So now, he does not know if he is wanted in his hometown, but other than his mother, he has no ties there he wishes to keep. Once he has made a name for himself, he will call for his mother.

Charr Sharivazen

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